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Jon spends much of his time consulting with businesses on SEO and internet marketing techniques. He offers a valuable website and SEO critique for any online business, bringing with him continuous enhancements and improvements in the ever-changing online environment.

You Can Do Email Marketing In 2016 With A BANG!

Email marketing is still one of the cheapest, direct and personalized ways to reach out to an audience. Telemarketing is a costly exercise and most people don’t appreciate being called repeatedly. Social media marketing is effective but most companies are trying to determine the metrics that will truly imply the success or failure of a [...]

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How to Create Strategies For SEO Mastery While You Sleep

How to Perfect your SEO in 2016 SEO is quintessential for your online presence. Working on SEO is a perennial exercise and you have to consistently improve your website to stay ahead in the game. The major search engines of the world keep making subtle and substantial changes to their algorithms that directly affect your rankings. While [...]

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The Secret Of Successful Mobile Optimisation

Google has clearly segregated the desktop space and the mobile world. Although it is the same search engine on desktop and mobile browsers and users will get access to the entire galactic network, the search results on the two platforms would be different. To put things simply, Google will only rank mobile friendly websites in [...]

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How to use Social Media in 2016 to Grow Your Business

More than one and a half billion people use social media. The number is likely to soar through 2016. No matter what you make or sell, you are likely to find your target audience online and active on social media. That makes social media marketing imperative. However, most people understand social media marketing as tweeting, [...]

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Make the Most of Relationship Marketing – Don’t Miss Out!

A business cannot become a brand without relationship marketing. It is also difficult to grow a business unless it can retain its customers or clients. A company can always acquire new clients but that would simply replace the loss of market share or perhaps fall short if existing customers jump ship. While companies don’t need [...]

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Tips to Maximize your Personal Branding in 2016

A business or a professional should aspire to become a brand. Branding is what segregates the ordinary and the extraordinary. There are certain myths and realities pertaining to branding. Many tend to bask in the myths and some believe branding to be the solution to all problems. While that may be an exaggeration, yet one [...]

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How to Take Charge & Boost Lead Generation Through Blogging

The battle for lead generation is a constant one. More to the point, it is a battle that must incorporate a variety of strategies and possibilities. To that end, it is well worth considering the value of blogging. Blogging remains a viable option for meaningful, significant lead generation. Furthermore, blogging is a flexible concept. Chances are, [...]

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6 Fabulous Internet Marketing Tips…

Internet marketing is complicated. But it doesn’t have to be. If you know exactly what you want and if you are aware of the avenues that can be used to succeed in internet marketing, then you wouldn’t just succeed but you would reap the rewards again and again. All it takes is a perfect strategy. [...]

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The Importance Of Online Reputation

The Importance of Online Reputation Management Have you ever Googled the name of a potential new client in order to learn more about them? If not, you can bet that they do. People do Google searches on everyone and every business, to find out more about them. Whether it is due to business, or a [...]

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5 Reasons Your Website Doesn’t Turn Visitors Into Clients

The vast majority of local customers start with a web search. The lion’s share of that traffic goes to the web sites on the front page of Google. You would think that if your website is on Google’s first page, prospects should pour in. Lots of businesses throw time and money trying to get their [...]

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