Date with Google:  How Your Website should be Prepared for the Date?

Google is a highly popular search engine and majority of the websites vie for getting top rankings in Google.  Top ranks in Google are possible only if the website impresses the ranking algorithm of Google.  Dating with Google begins when the web crawler of the search engine visits your website.  So, here are a few things that you need to ensure that the dating goes on smoothly:

  • First impression is the best impression

Whether it’s a website visitor or Google’s web crawler, you should ensure that you create a good first impression.  Checking on the appearance of your website is extremely essential.  Ensure that your website looks good and its design is apt.  Ensure that all the important web pages are easily found and navigation from one web page to another is smooth.  Ensure that your website looks perfect on desktops and smartphones too.  All these factors play a major role in making the date with Google a grand success.

  • Quick loading time

Google will not index a website or its web pages if it does not load quickly.  In case the website pages deliver error codes, the search engine will not be in a position to index them.  When the loading time of the web pages is slow, it doesn’t leave the right impression.  It has been a general observation that website pages that come with error codes and website pages that load slowly will not be given good page ranks.  It is strongly recommended that you make use of a website audit tool in order to ensure that the loading time is perfect.

  • Edge with Content

Though it may sound clichéd, content is always the king and search engines love those websites that have highly compelling content and fresh content.  The content needs to be so informative that your visitors will be convinced to become your clients.  You should ensure that you are not using automatically created content or spammy content.  If you have this, you can be assured that your date will go badly.

  • What impression you create and convey

A lot depends on the kind of impression you create and you convey to people around you.  The same applies to websites too.  A lot depends on the kind of links that are directed towards your website.  These links also define how good your website actually is.  In case there are low quality links or links that come from websites that are spammy, Google is definitely not going to trust you.  In the case where there are superior quality links that are pointing towards your website, it will definitely help in getting you a good page rank.  So, analysing the links that come to your website will also help in getting you a good date with Google.

All in all, having a good date with Google will mean more business for your website.  At the same time, it can be a very tricky and challenging one.  You will have to ensure that it is a success if you wish to have a longer innings on the internet platform.