Reasons why your website may have plummeted in the search engines

Head to any of the main internet marketing or search engine optimization forums and you will notice a ton of people complain that their position in the search engines has dropped almost overnight. Most of them seem to be unaware as to what is causing it. Most seem to believe things are not their fault. Guess what though? In most cases, it is. On this page, we are to take a little look at a few of the main reasons as to why your website could just drop overnight.

How many changes are you making to your web page?

Google has stated time and time again that they do not have the mythical ‘sandbox’ that many people engaged in SEO believe them to have. This is where new websites suffer some sort of penalty in the rankings simply for being new. However, there is something very similar to the Google sandbox. This is the fact that websites which undergo a lot of changes are actually penalized.

Now, I am not telling you to avoid making regular updates to your website. Updates are a good thing. However, you do not wish to be constantly changing your target keywords and the like on a page. You almost certainly do not want to be making huge design changes. Make small changes here and there. Nothing more than that, because if you make almost constant huge changes you will see a massive loss in your search position, and it is not going to be pretty.

Bad links to your website

Google is not stupid. It knows when you are spamming links out there in order to climb up the search engines. If you are spamming links on websites which are not relevant to your site content, you need to stop it. You also need to stop the links being recorded against you. Perhaps the best way to do this is to get into Google Webmaster Tools and use the ‘disavow tool’. You can then use this to tell Google to disregard any links pointing towards your website. Yahoo and Bing also offer similar tools that you can use.

If you are including spam links on your website i.e. you have engaged in some sort of link exchange, you need to remove those links from your website as soon as possible. This will ensure that you are able to get back into the search engine rankings. Sure, you may not have been caught out yet, but you will eventually be caught out and when you do, it is not going to be good. Many websites who have engaged in spam activities like this have found themselves removed from the search engines completely, and this is something which is a great deal more difficult to recover from.

Your competitors have better websites than you

You are not the only company targeting the top of the search engines. Your competitors are doing it too. You, therefore, need to keep tabs on what they are doing. If they are putting together far better content and if they are carrying out their search engine optimization in a far more efficient manner, you need to be better than them. The only way in which you are going to be able to recover from this situation is if you put together a better website. This means getting some good content up there. You will also need to look into new methods that you can use to climb up the search engine results.

Technical issues with your website

If your website has technical issues (501 and 401 errors are particularly troublesome for many website owners), then you are going to see your position in the search engines fall quite a lot. Perhaps the best way in which to check whether there are any issues with your website on a technical level will be to get into Google Webmaster tools. This will let you know of any crawl errors. Once you know where the errors are, you can go about fixing them.

Remember, contrary to popular belief, most position losses in the search engine can be recovered. Yes, it is going to take a bit of effort on your part. However, if you can put the effort in and recover your position, you will find it easier to rectify the problem in the future. In fact, once you know what the issue is and have corrected it, it is unlikely you will run into the problem again.